Personalized anti-aging aesthetic medicine consultation

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The anti-aging medical consultation: a personalized approach Examinations, assessments, personalized advice... the Doctor takes you behind the scenes of his anti-aging consultation.

How's it going?

During the consultation, the doctor will question the patient to find out about his health problems and personal history. We will look for signs of skin aging (loss of elasticity and lack of hydration of the skin, wrinkles, muscle relaxation, alopecia, brittle nails, brown spots, dark circles, rosacea, etc.)

At the end of this consultation, the doctor schedules an anti-aging check-up which includes, depending on the case:

This anti-ageing assessment will make it possible to define whether the overall aging of the body (biological age) is related to the real age or not (chronological age).

The entire assessment is analyzed and interpreted by the doctor who will propose a personalized protocol including:

Then the doctor will set up a regular follow-up which will allow to appreciate the evolution on the clinical and biological plan.

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