Fotofinder Dermatoscope HD

Video documentation of nevi is essential for early detection of skin cancer. FotoFinder dermoscope allows the prevention of skin cancer thanks to an advanced technique. With the Full HD video camera, we first take panoramic images of the skin. This mapping provides us with an overview of the nevi. Secondly, the suspect nevi are digitally marked and photographed dermoscopically. Microscopic photos are automatically sorted according to their marking. During regular check-ups we can see the changes at a glance!

Aktilite CL 128 LED lamp

Indications: DYNAMIC PHOTOTHERAPY PDT: the treatment consists of applying to the lesions to be treated a photosensitizing drug specific to the lesion a few hours before exposure to the Aktilite CL 128 lamp having an appropriate wavelength. The intervention: The session takes place in several stages, the dermatologist, after having defined the lesions to be treated during the previous consultations, will apply to you after stripping the lesions to be treated a photo-sensitizing product on this lesion that he will cover with an occlusive opaque to light for 3 hours. During this period, you can carry on with your things to do. At the end of the three hours you will have the illumination session. After removing and cleaning the area to be treated with physiological serum, the diode lamp with a specific wavelength will be placed in the area of skin to be treated. Illumination will last approximately 8 minutes and requires the wearing of protective goggles. A sometimes slightly painful sensation of heat can be felt and appears from the onset of illumination and increases the first few minutes, plateau and slowly decrease after stopping illumination but can sometimes persist for a few hours after illumination. A cooling system can be used or even loco-regional anesthesia. Prescribing analgesics before the session can help reduce pain. Post-treatment: After the session and in the days which follow, it is necessary to avoid exposure to daylight on the treated area, an aspect of sunburn is usual, it will regress in a few days with the help of a healing cream. Additional sessions depending on your type of lesion to be treated are sometimes necessary, an evaluation a few weeks apart will ensure that your lesions have healed. Cost: The act of phototherapy, in the context of skin tumors, is reimbursed subject to prior agreement with the health insurance fund (CPAM)


It is a portable and precise 3D aesthetic system. Reproducible images are possible without a repositioning system, thanks to the double beam pointers, the doctor is at the right distance to take the photos. LifeViz® technology can quantify changes in volume and detect fine details in surfaces. The 3D LifeViz Mini® was designed for the face and small parts of the body (neckline, hands, armpit, etc.).


The principle of laser hair removal is to use light adjusted to a specific wavelength with the aim of destroying the hair bulb by targeting melanin, the colored pigment of the hair. The laser light absorbed by melanin is converted into heat which neutralizes the hair follicle while leaving the surrounding skin healthy. For this, Dr. Carmen Mandula’ office is equipped with the GentleMax Pro® system from Syneron-Candela laboratories, recognized for its speed and efficiency. This medical laser platform enables exceptional performance in terms of speed, efficiency, ease of use, results, safety and patient satisfaction. It is one of the fastest hair removal lasers on the market thanks to its large spot size.


The Vbeam device is a pulsed dye laser, indicated and recognized for the treatment of vascular lesions. Thanks to its wavelength of 595 nm, it can treat a large part of vascular lesions such as stellate angiomas, rubies, telangiectasias, rosacea etc ... This laser can also be used to improve the texture of recent, red and inflammatory post-surgical scars.

BIOPEEL micro dermabrasion

The Bio-Peel works with microcrystals of alumina or organic powder that is projected onto the skin through a curved handpiece. As soon as this handpiece is in contact with the skin and a vacuum form, the crystals abrade the skin uniformly and gradually. By acting on the chosen power and the sweeping speed, we will simply abrade the epidermis or more deeply down to the dermis. This is the only technique that through mechanical epidermal action will act on the dermis by promoting the production of elastin fibers and collagen. This treatment will therefore be effective on stretch marks and more generally on dermal reconstructions.


These treatments provide the benefits of Multipolar Radio Frequency and Magnetic Pulse Therapy on the skin to produce a dense and uniform matrix of heat. This causes collagen synthesis as well as contraction, proliferation of fibroblasts, neovascularization and lipolysis.


The Dermapen is a kind of small electric pen with an original system of micro needles. These will pierce the dermis and thus stimulate collagen and elastin. The practitioner chooses the speed and depth of the small needles according to the indication. It is used for Micro-needling.


The principle of carbon dioxide (CO2) lasers is to destroy skin lesions. Thanks to the fractional CO2 technique, this laser allows faster healing giving results from the first session.


The hydrafacial treatment offers the benefits of Multipolar Radio Frequency and Magnetic Pulse Therapy on the skin to produce a dense and uniform matrix of heat. This causes collagen synthesis as well as contraction, proliferation of fibroblasts, neovascularization and lipolysis.

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