Cosmetic Dermatology
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Our face is our calling card. A healthy, glowing and smooth face can make a good impression, so why not cherish it and treat it in the best possible way? We are here for you.



Facial mesotherapy, or mesolift, aims to treat the skin on the face and give it a youthful look, like a lift.

Mesotherapy, also known as poly-vitamin injections, involves injecting small amounts of noncross-linked hyaluronic acid, essential vitamins and minerals subcutaneously into the target organ - the dermis for the skin.

This technique allows, depending on the active compounds used, to:

- fight against skin aging by reducing fine lines and small wrinkles, and plumping the skin

- prevent skin aging

- restore radiance to the skin by revitalizing the dermis

- rejuvenate the skin by firming its texture

- restore radiance to a dull and cloudy complexion

- treat acne lesions and oily skin


Skin Booster

The Skin Booster consists of injecting noncross-linked hyaluronic acid into the middle dermis. Hyaluronic acid will allow intense hydration of the dermis and stimulation of collagen synthesis. This allows to :

- smooth and reshape the features

- moisturize deeply and lastingly

- increase the firmness and elasticity of the skin.



This "radiance" treatment is carried out in several stages. It includes a peel, then is followed by a cocktail of vitamins and noncross-linked hyaluronic acid injected in mesotherapy.


Bio Nutri LIFT

Bio Nutrilift consists of injecting two products:

- a polyrevitalizing solution (NCF 135HA)

- noncross-linked hyaluronic acid

The first will provide the skin with vitamins, minerals, amino acids and nucleic acids. It will plump and rehydrate tired, wrinkled and lacking radiance skin. The result is a firming of the skin, giving the face its radiance.

The second, injected superficially, induces intense skin rehydration and a tightening effect against sagging skin.

The lifting effect of the Bio Nutrilift treatment restores radiance to the face and a firmer, plumper appearance to the skin for 12 to 18 months.



BIONUTRINECK polyrevitalization superficial peel Bright Peel and NCTF 135 HA NANOSOFT

This treatment helps restore firmness to the neck in two steps: a peel followed by an NCTF serum mesotherapy based on a cocktail of vitamins and noncross-linked hyaluronic acid.

This treatment revitalizes and rehydrates the skin of the neck.


Medical highlighting

Medical Highlighting is a medical protocol inspired by makeup and contouring techniques that gives a blush effect to the face.

From the age of 40, it helps to retain youth and highlight the volumes of the face. This involves depositing hyaluronic acid on specific areas such as the tail of the eyebrow, the cheekbones or the chin so that the face better captures the light.

This technique also makes it possible to:

- play on the areas of facial expression to enhance the face by injecting small amounts of hyaluronic acid or Botox

- feminize a face that is too square, or even lift it slightly

- correct shadow areas and restore volumes in older people by acting on dark circles, cheeks or nose.


Hyaluronic Acid Injection

Due to its strong ability to trap water, Hyaluronic Acid promotes deep hydration. It has volumizing power and helps to fill volume losses with age.

Hyaluronic acid injection helps to:

- fill in wrinkles, fine lines, nasolabial folds, bitterness folds and dark circles

- restore the volume of the lips, cheekbones, oval face, cheeks, temples and nose.

- correct imperfections of the nose, chin and forehead

- plump lips

Used in prevention, it helps prevent skin aging and delays the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Botox Injection

Botox or botulinum toxin injections aim to reduce expression lines, especially on the upper part of the face: forehead lines, frown lines and crow's feet lines. Thanks to micro-injections, the skin is smoother and relaxed, and the eyes look younger for several months.


PRP face + neck injection

Injections of platelet-enriched blood plasma by centrifugation are highly prized for their regenerative qualities. However, PRP is a strictly regulated technique in France and can only be used for therapeutic purposes, in particular for hair care. Let's take a look at good practices.

The National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products (ANSM) decided in January 2018 that the use of PRP for aesthetic purposes was prohibited. This ban is particularly aimed at the "Vampire Lift" technique, which consisted of injecting PRP on the face to regenerate the skin and improve its texture, in particular to erase fine lines, give a boost of radiance, reduce acne scars, etc

Only PRP for therapeutic purposes remains authorized in France. Its healing properties have long been well known for treating tendinitis, acute or chronic muscle injuries, ligament injuries (sprains), osteoarthritis, knee joint cartilage injuries (chondropathy).

But there are also other possible uses because they fall within the scope of therapeutic treatment. For example, for cases of scars having repercussions on the patient's psyche.



Microneedling blurs or even corrects facial imperfections such as acne, spots, dull complexion, enlarged pores ... It is performed using an electrical device, called a Dermapen, resembling a classic pen. Composed of 36 tiny needles, this tool pierces the epidermis and dermis at varying depths, creating micro-cuts, invisible to the naked eye. These cuts will allow the chosen serum to penetrate deeply and act more quickly. Microneedling will stimulate the skin's natural self-healing process, as well as the production of collagen and elastin. These effects help reduce dark spots, regulate excess sebum, and tighten pores. As the skin regenerates faster, acne (mild to medium) fades over the days.

Each skin being different, the professional chooses the serum to inject accordingly. A healing and moisturizing cream, as well as photoprotection are recommended for a minimum of 10 days after the operation.

A healing and moisturizing cream, as well as photoprotection are recommended for a minimum of 10 days after the procedure.



Peeling is a natural exfoliation process for the epidermis and dermis. It allows to erase all the apparent defects of the skin such as: dull complexion, coloured circles, dilated pores, loss of tone of the skin, scars, oily skin, acne, red stretch marks or hyperpigmentation.

Substances applied to the skin cause limited and controlled destruction of the epidermis or even of the superficial and deep layers of the dermis.

Depending on the needs, the peel can be superficial with fruit acids or medium with tricloroacetic (TCA).


Peeling PRXT33

The PRX-T33 peel is a revitalizing TCA organic peel technique. It stimulates the regeneration of the skin without generating an exfoliation of the epidermis. It enhances the radiance and luminosity of the skin, corrects skin imperfections on the skin of the face, neck or décolleté and reduces stretch marks.

A healing and moisturizing cream, as well as photoprotection are recommended for a minimum of 10 days after the procedure.


Skin cleansing: Dermabrasion

Dermabrasion removes the superficial layer of the skin (the epidermis) or even the superficial dermis. Its depth depends on the size of the defect to be corrected, the area to be treated, the quality of the skin and the desired goal.

Dermabrasion is performed using a brush or rotary burr, with a rough surface. The choice of the speed of rotation, the abrasive power of the bur and the pressure exerted by the doctor allow the qualitative control of the abrasion. Then the destroyed superficial layer will be restored thanks to the natural phenomena of repair mechanism. It allows to obtain a boost of radiance of the skin and an action on the complexion by producing a refreshing effect without resurfacing.


APTOS resorbable threads

These are resorbable threads allowing a facelift without surgery. These threads have the particularity of having a reinforced mechanical action: they stimulate the production of collagen and elastin fibers. This stimulation reinforces the effectiveness of the mechanical tightening effect in the months following installation. The quality of the skin is also improved, giving a real "healthy glow" and "rejuvenation" effect.

The threads are then inserted under the skin after a simple local anesthesia for more comfort, using cannulas which follow only one path along the pre-marking. The procedure is not painful. It takes 45 to 60 minutes and allows you to leave immediately while remaining presentable.

The threads make it possible to:

- redraw the oval of the face,

- enhance the cheekbones,

- redefine the contours of the face

- raise the forehead and / or eyebrows to open the eyes.


Hydrafacial care

The Hydrafacial treatment deeply cleanses the skin, tightens the pores and offers a radiance boost to the complexion. In one hour, the skin receives an ultra-complete cleansing, a light peel, extraction of comedones using the Hydrafacial machine and deep hydration.

Impurities from the skin are "sucked", then it is over-hydrated thanks to a cocktail of antioxidants, peptides, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C among others.

The effects are immediate: the complexion is luminous, the pores tightened and the complexion more radiant. Suitable for all skin types, it is not recommended for damaged and fragile skin.


ZO Obagi stimulator peel treatment

Quick and easy treatment, this home-based treatment smooths fine to moderate fine lines and wrinkles, acne, age spots, uneven pigmentation and rough skin texture. ZO® Stimulator Peel Treatment (30% AHA) is designed to exfoliate the skin by stimulating cell renewal. It helps improve skin tone, texture and clarity. Its major advantage: no flaking or redness afterwards, just healthy, glowing skin.

This treatment:

- softens and rejuvenates sun damaged skin.

- increases skin tolerance.

- decreases and prevents the appearance of hyperpigmentation.

- softens fine lines and wrinkles.

- stimulates the production of collagen.

- exfoliates the skin.

This peel is gentle on the skin but effective enough to make a visible difference, brightening and refreshing the face for a youthful and healthy look.



A signature treatment per excellence, the Excellage treatment helps restore the skin's vital cellular connections. Regenerating, ultra-comforting and redensifying, it helps restore skin firmness. It combines high-performance formulas with manual relaxation techniques for visible results from the first treatment.

The immediate effects translate into

- immediately luminous and radiant skin

- a more even complexion

- a sharper oval

- plumped, waterlogged and ideally nourished skin

- a reduction in wrinkles

This treatment is suitable for all those who dream of a long-lasting prestige treatment, combining efficiency and sensorially for a unique result.


Cutera GENESIS laser

The Laser Genesis Method consists of using laser technology to naturally, effectively, and safely treat fine wrinkles, diffuse redness, and scars. The procedure is carried out comfortably in a relaxed atmosphere, without the prior application of topical anesthetics or gel.

By gently heating the top layer of the dermis below the skin, Genesis V reduces the appearance of wrinkles by stimulating collagen. To reduce redness, heat is increased in the dilated capillaries.

After 4 or 5 sessions, Genesis V helps restore the epidermis to a youthful appearance and its natural radiance. The results of each individual treatment are discrete, but the overall effect of multiple treatments can be simply spectacular:

- reduce and treat diffuse erythema gently and safely

- reduce acne scars

- improve the appearance of fine lines

- naturally give a healthy glow


Vascular Laser


The Vbeam device is a pulsed dye laser, indicated and recognized for the treatment of vascular lesions. Thanks to its wavelength of 595 nm, it can treat a large part of vascular lesions such as stellate angiomas, rubies, telangiectasias, rosacea etc ...

This laser can also be used to improve the texture of recent, red and inflammatory post-surgical scars.


The Excel V Cutera laser system has many features to treat a very wide range of superficial to deep vascular lesions, benign pigmented lesions and skin revitalization issues. It is the new benchmark for the treatment of red, brown, purple and blue vascular lesions.



The principle of carbon dioxide (CO2) lasers is to destroy benign skin lesions. Thanks to the fractional CO2 technique, this laser allows faster healing giving results from the first session.

Ultra-pulsed pulse fractional CO2 laser treatment is a safe, non-invasive process that allows you to rediscover youthful, fresh and healthy skin. It heats the dermis in depth, generates a re-tensioning of the tissues and stimulates the synthesis of collagen in the dermis, in addition to its purely ablative effect on the surface.

It can be used to treat:

- fine lines and wrinkles

- actinic elastosis (sagging skin)

- solar entigos (age spots)

- atrophic scars, in particular acne

The areas that can be treated are: the eye area, neck, mouth, décolleté and hands.


Venus Legacy Radiofrequency

This treatment offers the benefits of Multipolar Radio Frequency and Magnetic Pulse Therapy on the skin to produce a dense and uniform matrix of heat. This causes collagen synthesis as well as contraction, proliferation of fibroblasts, neovascularization and lipolysis.

Venus Legacy ™ provides 100% safe and painless treatments for all skin types, providing immediate and long-lasting results for the face and neck:

- reduction of wrinkles

- reduction of peripheral fat

- skin tightening

Treatment with radiofrequency and pulsed electromagnetic fields have been used in medicine for many years, they are safe and have proven effectiveness.

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