HANDS (rejuvenation)

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The hands are the part of the body the most exposed, subject to climatic aggressions due to time stamps. We can help you rejuvenate and improve your skin texture in just a few easy steps

HANDS (rejuvenation)


The hand is a social organ that often betrays aging. With age, the skin of the hands loses elasticity, relaxes and causes age spots to appear. Mesotherapy helps give the hand a more youthful appearance.

This involves injecting a small amount of pure, noncross-linked Hyaluronic Acid associated with a nutritious and revitalizing vitamin complex into the superficial part of the skin.

This is done with a very fine needle, with a roller or with a dermapen.

It is thus possible to carry out hydration, nutrition and revitalization of the skin. The effect of this treatment is immediate.


Peeling and mesotherapy

The peel is used to treat small skin defects on the hands by destroying the superficial layers and stimulating the renewal of skin cells.

This involves applying an acidic solution to the skin that will rid the skin of the stratum corneum (layer of dead cells that prevent the skin from breathing) and stimulate fibroblasts (cells that make collagen and tone the skin).

The skin being better oxygenated, better hydrated, will automatically be more radiant, firmer and less wrinkled.

It can be combined with mesotherapy treatment. The injection of hyaluronic acid in small amounts will thus complement the effect of hydration, nutrition and revitalization of the skin.

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